I'm a freelancing web developer based in Berlin. I studied Digital Media at Hyper Island and previously worked at AKQA and Dareville. Sometimes I talk.

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Recent projects

Previous work/studies

  • Freelancing
    (2012-Present) Web development, Berlin
  • AKQA
    (2012-2012) Senior web developer, Berlin
  • Project of How
    (2011-Present) Co-founder, Developer & UX-designer, Stockholm/Berlin
  • Dareville
    (2010-2011) Front/back end developer, Stockholm
  • SolutionSet
    (2009-2010) Front end developer internship, San Francisco
  • Hyper Island
    (2008-2010) Digital Media programme, Stockholm
  • Freelancing
    (2007-2009) Front/back end
  • Olympiaskolan
    (2004-2005) Web & c++ programming, Helsingborg